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The internal transmission components are cleaned, lubricated and cooled by the transmission fluid. It is important that you change the transmission fluids as they contain additive that deteriorate over a long period of time. Manufacturers of vehicles actually recommend that the transmission fluid and filter be replaced regularly to improve the longevity of the transmission components and the vehicle in general. The mechanics at “Car Repair Near Me” can work with your vehicle regardless of whether it has a manual or automatic transmission, this professionals will examine your vehicle and tell you if your transmission fluid needs replacement. All replacement carried out by “Car Repair Near Me” are done in accordance to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.
Transmission Fluid Replacement for Automatic and Manual Transmissions
The gears of automatic transmissions power the drive wheels through the engine and continuous use of the vehicle will result in the depletion of the automatic transmission fluids. We take note of the regular intervals that most vehicle manufacturers recommend as well as the usage of the vehicle to determine when the transmission fluid needs replacing. The life of the vehicle transmission improves when the transmission fluid is replaced regularly. In the case of manual transmission, the transmission fluid lubricates the bearing, shaft, gears and acts as a shield for them. Our mechanics examine the vehicle transmission and replace the transmission fluid where needed to prevent damages to the vehicle transmission.


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Symptoms That Indicate Your Vehicle Is In Need Of a Transmission Fluid Change:

    • The occurrence of a burning odour both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle
    • The leakage of the transmission fluid
    • The Check Engine Light is constantly on
    • The gears are shaking during changing
    • The vehicle delays in movement during acceleration
    • The vehicle slowly gains speed despite of engine revving