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Check Engine Light Diagnostic Near You

The check engine light comes on for a number of reasons, most times it can be for a simple reason such as your car is due for an oil change while other times it might be complex. The only way you can find out why your check engine light is constantly on is to run a diagnostic test which our professional mechanics will perform with ease. Once the diagnostic test is done, they will provide an analysis of where your vehicle needs repair. Other times, the fault can be with the Check Engine light rather than the vehicle, our mechanics will reset the Check Engine light when situations like this arise.

Vehicle Light Examination and Repair
The lights of the vehicle are very important component of the vehicle as it helps ensure safety while driving. Vehicle lights ensures that your vehicle is visible on the road, it also ensures that other road users are also visible to you as well. Vehicle lights also help in navigation and communication with other drivers. We have topnotch technology as well as highly trained mechanics that will examine your vehicle and diagnose the problems with the lights. On occasion, our mechanics help to replace any bulbs that are malfunctioning if needed.

Serpentine Belt Repair Service

The serpentine belt is important to the vehicle as it helps to run a number of car engine components such as compressor, power steering pump, alternator and water pump. The breakage of the serpentine belt will result into car failure as a result of overheating, it is important to regularly examine the serpentine belt of your vehicle to avoid this. Our mechanics perform this diagnostic examination on your vehicle to find out if the serpentine belt needs replacing.
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Signs Or Symptoms Your Car Needs Engine Services:

There are various signs that indicate that you need to examine the serpentine belt of your vehicle and they are outlined below.

  • The power steering of your vehicle doesn’t work
  • Overheating of your engine
  • The Check Engine light is constantly on
  • Exhaust emits black smoke
  • During acceleration, a screeching noise can be heard under the hood of your vehicle
  • The engine takes time before it picks up