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Drivetrain Diagnostics and Repair Services Near You

The drivetrain ensures that your vehicle works well, this is due to the fact that the drivetrain powers the engine of vehicle. We at “Car Repair Near Me” provide drivetrain diagnostic and replacement services for different types of vehicles such as two-wheel, four-wheel and the all-wheel drive vehicles. The drivetrain has a total of three components which are the differential, transfer case and transmission. It is important to note that each of these components need fluids replaced at different times. Our mechanics understand the drivetrain components and they will be able to tell you when the different drivetrain components in your vehicle need fluid replacement.

Drivetrain Components Services

The differential ensures that during turning, the drive wheels of the vehicle can turn at varying speeds. The fluids in the differential can break down as a result of temperature or wear. Our mechanics will ensure that the fluids of the both the front and rear differential (in vehicles that it applies to) are replaced when necessary to prevent the wearing of the gears.

The transfer case is another important component which is found in four-wheel and all-wheel drive (OWD) vehicles. This gearbox powers the engine of the vehicle to the front and rear axles. The transfer case in all-wheel drive vehicles aids in the movement of power from the front axles to the rear axles and back, this however depends greatly on the condition of the traction. The transfer case lubricating fluid prevents the gears from heating up and ensure its smooth turning. Our mechanics will examine your vehicle and find out when the fluid needs replacing to prevent damage as a result of broken down lubricating fluid.

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Signs Or Symptoms Your Car Needs Drivetrain Services:

  • Grinding or screeching noise coming from under the hood of your vehicle
  • There is difficulty when turning the vehicle
  • Your vehicle vibrates with more than 50mph speed