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Local Brake Service Near You

We have professionally trained mechanics that fully understand the components of the brake system and our services ensure that you drive your car with ease. Our mechanics can perform brake examination as well as repairs on most car models that exist, they are also trained to work with car models that have Anti-Lock Braking System.

Brake examination is one of the many car services that we offer and it is very important that you perform an examination of your brakes once a year or every 12,000 miles. Our mechanics will perform a thorough examination of your brake system and its components so as to provide you with a written analysis of what the examination revealed. We offer other services centred on the approvals of your car manufacturer as well as the impact of the condition of the brake system on the performance of the car.

Our highly trained mechanics will provide you with all the brake repair service that your car requires, they ensure that all services performed on the brake system of your vehicle are in agreement with the recommendation of the car manufacturer. All replacement components such as hardware, rotors, drums, pads are replaced in accordance to the instruction of the manufacturer.

Most times, all your vehicle needs is brake fluid exchange, our mechanics will diagnose this if it is the problem and replace the old fluid with new fluid. The new fluid that our mechanics will put are usually in accordance to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

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Signs Or Symptoms Your Car Needs Brake Services:

Reasons Why Your Vehicle Needs Brake Services

  • Your brakes haven’t been inspected in over a year or the mileage of your vehicle has surpassed 12,000 miles without inspection
  • The brake warning light on your vehicle is constantly on
  • You have surpassed the recommended number of miles between exchange of brake fluid
  • Your brake produces a crushing or screeching noise
  • When you apply brakes, your vehicle tilts to one side
  • Your brake pedal response time is slow
  • Your brake pedal requires more pressure to leave the floor
  • Your vehicle does not stop instantly once the brakes are applied